I have spent so much time on war,

The more time I spent singing for peace

The more I became a piece of wasted fury,

Maybe not wasted when anger is

A fundamentally logical response to injustice,

But if it’s just this then your activists will always burn out,

There’s no doubt there’s cruel work to be done under the sun.

The sun we’ve called god or goddess throughout the centuries,

Give it poetry, build dials and calendars and a concept of time,

Find yourself looking up at the sky wondering if you’re running late,

Wait, there are brighter days coming and calmer nights,

Fight for compassion, destroy deposibilities and lay waste to waste,

Taste the fruits of your many labours,

Love your neighbours,

Anger may be a logical response to injustice,

Justifiable but not only tool in your arsenal,

Intellectual, you know, that that tearing down the old world isn’t enough,

There will be no magical renewal at the end of days,

Without ways of building under the sun

Your anger teaching you Compassion.

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