My Body is a Battleground

Are you the subject of debate?
Not a debater or a judge but a motion waiting to be carried or defeated.
And to hate someone not because they are evil but because they see you as an object for argument.
Your existence is a political opinion.
You are fair game for showing up.

And I am made up from Op-Ed pieces and blog posts and protests and patronising government reports
And a Primetime special that turns your life into a sport to win or lose against the four bigots the BAI brought in for balance
Because you and you body are up for debate.

You just watch, clutching your organ-donor card like a prayer because you only truly get the right to own your body when you no longer need it and you’re no longer there.
And these are kind, rational people who care. But we cannot stifle discussion.
Because some people’s right to argue trumps my right to live.
Because I am up for debate.

Because my body is battleground for anyone looking to score points and your struggle is only pretty in their fictions.
You are a concept for them to approve or annul but for me you are the most beautiful and powerful powerless being I know.

And you must win
Our right to be more than an opinion.

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