Published Work

examples of published writing

Empty House

My poem Soil appeared into the Doire Press anthology (2021)

Empty House is a multi-genre anthology of Irish and international writing responding to the climate crisis edited by Alice Kinsella and Nessa O’Mahony. Interpretations vary from celebrations of the natural world we are at risk of losing, anxious prophecies of the Earth we may soon live in, to constructive hope of how we can prevent environmental catastrophe. Together they form a rallying cry of human responses to a systemic problem. Contributors include Luka Bloom, Niamh Boyce, Jan Carson, Claire Hennessy, Nuala O’Connor, Rick O’Shea, Jessica Traynor and Michael Viney.

Falling Out the Right Tree

A creative non-fiction essay about my experiences growing up queer and getting into the environmental sector. The essay first appeared in Outburst’s queer literary magazine Catflap in November 2021.

“There were two reasons I became a champion tree climber as a child. Firstly, because I loved it, the shapes of the branches and glow of the leaves when the light came through, the whisper of the breeze like the promise of something magical about to happen. Secondly, to prove that I could. I wish I could say that the first reason was always more important, but I spent twenty years of my life structuring my behaviour around what other people expected, even when it was just to do the opposite. So when my brothers said I couldn’t follow them, hand then foot then getting the sturdy branch under your stomach to swing a leg over, I didn’t have a choice.”

Murder on the Eberron Express

A D&D murder mystery adventure with a pulp noir feel (Mithral best-seller on DMs Guild). Players are confined on a moving lightning rail, where the murderer changes each time you run it and the murderer could be one of them….

It’s the best selling of my D&D adventures but there others to check out my DM’s Guild page.

Mycelial Groves in TPK Bestiary Vol. 2

A group of monsters formed of sentient groves of fungi, complete with ecology, harvesting, and battle tactics.