It is as simple as skin on skin,

And as pure as day’s first light,

No words can justify the thing

That against all odds just might

Save the very soul of us.

For this I’d give up the arrogant

Cynical heart for one of trust

In you at least. This sentiment

Does not explain the strange wonder

Of smiles or laughs without control

That tear the darkest days asunder

Make the most broken parts of me whole

Rain will fall, the sun blaze and beam

Lightning through mist, the path is seen.

And we will walk beneath the stars

And sing our sorrows to moonlight

And I will show you all my scars,

And hold you through the chill of night.

And every clichéd simply joy,

Every overwrought romantic show

Every lovesick tool I will employ

So long as your sweet smile still glows.

Because I just want to make you soup

Mugs of tea and open hearth fires

Tell you your winged eyeliner’s cute.

This mountain road take us on higher,

Plunge on together not looking back,

The brightest blaze dressed all in black.

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