There are contrasts and you’ve got to laugh.

I am nearly finished university, brushing out my hair at the top of the stairs, the longest it has been in eight years when the boy I had first cut it all off for walks by. He hadn’t noticed at the time.

When the man who tried to own me like a doll reached out to me nearly three years after I left him it was international women’s day and I was sharing a feminist poem I’d wrote online.

When I figured out what I wanted in life she was already on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean with no idea how I feel

Because it’s has also been when I gave up on ideas, people ,love, jobs, dreams, pets, that the world tended to laugh and start to make them real.

I was trying to finish my thesis on the cultural importance of comic books when Terry Pratchett strolled off into mystery with Death.

If there’s ever going to be a day when I’m ready for the sand to keep shifting under my feet than I certainly haven’t reached it yet.

There are contrasts and you’ve got to laugh.

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