Greece 2012 #6: Mystra and Menelaoin

The morning we left Sparti we visited the stunning, Frankish, hilltop monastic settlement, Mystra. The Byzantine architecture fit beautifully into the rocky landscape.
It was also a peaceful place and we got on to the bus exhausted, overheated and sweating but glad. Every seemed to be on the phone to their parents or girlfriends while we gathered at the bus so I called my mother. She was so surprised to hear from me it took her five minutes to stop asking me if everything was okay. I should probably call her more…


Then we drove down the road for one more stop.

THIS WAS SPARTA. As well. Sort of.

It is thought that this would have been a temple built by the ancient Spartan as part of the hero worship of Menelaos and Helen. The climb was pretty grueling in that heat and few of us made it up the hill.

The views were spectacular.

Grace and I ran all the way down the hill and nearly died of the heat at the bottom but it was such a rush.

It was a good day.

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