Greece 2012 #3 Museum and Leaving Athens

So the main problem with writing about the Archaeological Museum properly is that I would basically need a few days and would finish up with a PHD. 

It’s huge. There are two floors both with dozens of rooms all filled with statues and glass cabinets. The Antikythera Shipwreck exhibit is particular stunning between the sculpture and the mechanism recovered in 82 pieces that scholars are calling the world’s first computer.

After we left the museum (and got some much needed food from a Deli/Pastry Shop across the road) we drove from a few hours to the Marathon museum and a few early Helladic burial sites. 

Then a few more hours driving until we reached the breath-taking hilltop, Byzantine monastery of Ossios Loukas. 

Grace and I have a particular love for this kind of Byzantine architecture and it just fits so well into the landscape. The hills and valleys rolled away from us without another sign of civilisation beyond the road and it was obvious how this place was chosen as a religion centre. 

The church itself was beautiful decorated with frescoes and mosaics inside. 

(With thanks to Grace N. for the photos of Ossios Loukas)

It was a nice change to see something from slightly more recently, in historiological terms. 

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